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It's Our Favourite Season!

It's the start of our favourite season of the year... Engagement Season!

Congratulations on your upgrade fiancée! We can't wait to hear all about your proposal story and see that ring!

Not sure what to do now your ring finger is occupied? We've got you covered with a helpful timeline of what to do next, in what order and a bit more info about how our world works.

Engagement Timeline

1. Celebrate

Tell the world you're going to be a Mrs! Get it all over your socials, show off that ring, tell everybody!

2. Set the date

Find your venue, set the date and choose your theme or colours. Work out what you want your wedding aesthetic to be, take cues from your venue and suppliers as they will guide you to what will work and how colours, styles and themes will work together.

3. Dress time!

Grab your tribe, book in and get picking that dress! (More on this later)

4. Hen Do

Get your best girls and get out there bride to be, be it a weekend away, a night out or a spa day enjoy this time with your closest girls before the big day!

5. Finalise

Finalise all your plans, fittings and how you want the day to go with your suppliers. Give them contact details for one of your bridal party who knows all your plans then if anything goes awry on the day you don't need to know or get involved with.

6. The Big Day

RELAX and enjoy the day, watch all your hard work in motion as you say I Do and celebrate with all your guests. Time to become a Mrs!

7. Thank you

Pick your favourite photo and send out those thank yous.


I'm getting married soon...

Dresses take 8-12 months to manufacture so if you're worried you won't be able to get a new dress please reach out, we always have dresses ready to buy & takeaway that just need alterations. You'll be ready for the day in no time!

Will I find The One?

A majority of brides who come and visit us find their perfect dress or something they really want to consider. We are lucky to have a large store, experienced team and a carefully curated collection so we can offer something to every bride. This ensures a bride who's found her one to know she's tried on every option.

What do I bring with me?

Yourself, an open mind and honesty. This is it, it's all we ask of you. The brides who find their dresses with us easily come in with an open mind, let us work our magic and are honest with us and every time we find them their perfect dress.

Don't worry about shoes or underwear (nude is perfect, white is fine, we can work with black!)

I'm really nervous.

There is literally nothing we haven't seen or experienced ourselves. The embarrassment of getting nearly naked in front of a stranger, the worry of finding something to fit, the horror of being squeezed into a sample that's too small... forget it all, the only thing you need to worry about is picking your dress.

Don't invite your whole wedding entourage, too many voice and opinions can often make it more difficult for a bride to get across her vision to us for her big day/ 1/2 guests is perfect.

I have a budget.

Who doesn't?! Tell us what it is and we will honour it as closely as possible whilst finding you your perfect dress. If you're placing an order it's 50% deposit and the balance is due when the dress arrives. If you're buying and taking away you pay in full on the day.

How long does a new dress take?

With the ongoing global supply chain disruption we are recommending allowing 8-12 months for the manufacture and delivery of your dress. Add on time for dress making/fittings, we would suggest starting your search at least 18 months before to allow plenty of time for decision making.

Do you have accessories?

Whilst whittling down you dress choices we will add accessories from our collection that compliment the dress. Items that will match the detail on your dress and not take over your bridal look, the finishing touches are just that, there to complete your transformation into a bride.

Do you do bridesmaids?

Book into our upper floor bridesmaid lounge to view our collection. We provide the same help, advice and guidance as you get with your wedding dress.

Sample sizes in the lounge are from 6-26 and we are able to match your junior & flower girls from age 4-12. With over 300 colour choice and rush cuts available within 6 weeks.

Let's make your best girls look as incredible as you for your big day!


99.9% of dresses need some alterations. We have recommended seamstresses for you to visit at your convenience approximately 4-8 weeks before your wedding.


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