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Bridesmaid Lounge

Here Come The Girls!

The same help, advice and guidance you get with your wedding dress but for your best girls.


Book in to visit our bridesmaid lounge upstairs to view our collection which can be ordered in 300 colours, with sample sizes 6-26 and junior flower girls to match age 4-12 and rush cuts available.

Worried about different size and shape bridesmaids?

This is absolutely no problem and something we see in almost every bride tribe. Put the girls in the same colour but choose dresses that match their individual shape and personality. They feel comfortable, the colour matches your theme and your get some fab photos of your favourite girls looking as amazing as you.

Let's make your girls look as incredible as you for your big day.

This is a very small selection of the bridesmaid dresses we have in our bridesmaid lounge but they will look and feel so much better on your girls so come and pay us a visit.

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