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Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes do you have to try on?

Do you do plus size?

We are plus size! So we know everything you're worried about before you even step foot through the door. Be it your arms, tummy, bum or anything else, we have a dress to disguise, hide or flatter. We're here to make you look and feel the best on your wedding day regardless of the size on the tag. We have 25+ dresses in sizes 18-32, please do not worry about being squeezed into an ill-fitting sample.

Our samples in store start at a size 8 and go up to a size 32. There are 25+ dresses on our size 18 and above rail, all new collections gowns and ready to order for you brand new. We cater for EveryBODY, there's no squeezing yourself into gowns here.

Do I need an appointment?

Appointments are advised so we can book you the changing room and bridal consultant most suitable to your needs. We can spend the time talking to you about your wedding and what you want or need for your dress and then show you our collection and find your perfect one!

Who can I bring with me?

We suggest 2/3 people that you want to help you make the decision. To maximise space and time with us it is important we hear what You want for your wedding dress and all about the big day you are so carefully planning. More voices and opinions can make this difficult for you.

How long is my appointment?

As a rough guide our appointments are timed as follows.

Bridal: 90 minutes

Bridesmaid: 60 minutes

Prom: 60 minutes

After initial introductions and a brief chat about your event (date, venue, theme, vibe) and any ideas you have for your dress we will try on a hand picked selection of our gowns chosen specifically for you. If you find your perfect one we'll take measurements and deposit, then take your letterboard photo and that's it! It's as easy as that.

Do I have to pay in full?

If you are buying a dress off the peg payment is required in full. For an orderable dress we take a 50% deposit and the balance is due when it arrives in.

Do you do accessories?

We have accessories to compliment our dress. Overskirts, veils and tiaras are all available to try during your appointment with us. Our bridal consultant will match up the perfect accessories for your chosen gown to add the finishing touches to your bridal look.

Can I take a dress on the day?

We always have a rail of dresses to buy off the peg for weddings that are within 6 months. You can also buy a dress off the rail if you don't want to wait for a new one, or just want a bargain!

How long does it take for dresses to arrive?

Dresses can take between 8 - 12 months the manufacture, plus delivery times, quality inspections and dispatch to us from the designer. Add into that any remeasures we may have done it's best to start looking for your dress about 18 months before the wedding date. 

What prices are the dresses?

We can cater for any budget but as a guide our dresses are between £499 off the peg - £2500 for a brand new dress. This all depends on what style you want, the designer and when your wedding is. Give us a call if you have a specific budget and with a  bit more information we can tell you want we have.

Do I need a wedding date?

A wedding date is important as we need to be able to you a dress in or make sure you can buy and take one away on the same day. As dresses take a while to manufacture we need a date to place the order to ensure your dress arrives in time to be tried, altered and is ready for your big day!

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