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Calling all 2022 Brides!

So, you're engaged! CONGRATULATIONS! Now to pick the wedding date and more importantly the dress...! If you're considering getting married this year you might want to have a read below regarding ordering times and off the rail dresses. Nobody wants to be settling for their wedding dress, it Has to be the Dream!

We all know what a crazy two years it has been but 2022 is THE YEAR that things (hopefully) begin to return to something like the normal that we all know and love but some things linger. We have seen our production times remain longer than we were pre pandemic. Pre March 2020 we could (if needed) get a dress very quickly from many of our designers (6 weeks if needed but on average 4-6 months) but now that average has drifted out to 8-12 months. Dresses arrive to us from all over the world by various different shipping methods, going through any number of customs checks. Some designers offer a rush cut but as the season continues this option becomes unavailable as they get busier and busier. Also keep in mind that once your gown arrives and you have tried it on you need at least 6-8 weeks for alterations to get that fit exactly as it should be and show you off the absolute best we can! Dresses being ordered right now for weddings this year have estimated dates at the absolute earliest delivery of August/September, this is why it is vital if you're getting married this year you come and visit us soon!

If you are getting married earlier than this please don't worry, we have such a large collection of gowns you are always welcome to buy a dress off the rail. We are currently experiencing a high volume of discontinuations from all our designers, this is where a dress can no longer be made for us brand new by them so they make the hard decision of discontinuing it, these dresses plus our Ready to Buy & Takeaway range are all massively reduced in price. They are nearly perfect gowns and have only been used for trying on in the shop so are very literally ready to take away! All our gowns range from size 6-32 and can be altered up to 2 sizes down and corset backs added to make them slightly bigger across the back.

If you're getting married in 2023 and later then 12 months is an ideal time to start the search, be open to trying different things and give yourself plenty of time to find your one. Have a read of our What To Expect When You're Wedding Dress Shopping blog for more info on visiting us.

It comes as a shock to most as a wedding dress is not normally something you buy so please don't worry, there is always something we can do for you. We have helped brides getting married tomorrow and brides getting married in 5 years and anywhere in between. We also know so many of you recommend us to your friends and family so just give them a nudge from us and you know we'll find them their one. If you are unsure about any of this please don't hesitate to call us at the shop or drop us a DM or email and we can go through it all with you.


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