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When You Know You Know

This week we'll be talking about how you know if that dress is the one, and can it be the first dress you try on?

Every week we get asked by brides 'Can the first dress you try on be THE dress?' and our answer is always the same, 'Why not?' Which dress did you expect it to be? The 12th, 30th, 100th? How many is too many?

Let's start at the beginning. You're engaged (Yay! Hey Bride To Be *waves*) the venue is booked, you have a date and you're ready to find your dress. You go to the first shop (recommended by your friends) and they try on different styles and shapes and oh my god you find the most beautiful dress! Amazing! But you have more appointments booked, and they were shops you had to visit on another day out you had planned, it cannot be this easy? This dress cannot possibly be The Dress for your wedding as you've only just started looking and it was one of the first dresses you tried on...

Stop Right There Bride To Be!

Let's go though these thoughts one by one and break them down.

Why can't it be the dress for your wedding?

Firstly, there's a reason your friends recommended you visit this shop. They visited and they enjoyed the experience enough to send you there. Let them do their thing, put your trust in them, they know what they are doing. They do this very literally every day.

You had more appointments booked.

Appointments can be cancelled and a shop would rather you cancel than not turn up. This year not just in the bridal industry we have seen more and more businesses struggling with no shows of confirmed and unconfirmed appointments & bookings. It damages businesses and affects things from staffing levels, availability, charging for appointments down to things like electricity and gas bills. A business would much rather you cancel a booking you not longer need than not show up at all, tell them the reason or don't it doesn't matter but the courtesy of cancelling will mean a lot to the people who work there, you never know if you'll need them again and your booking may not be taken again after a no show.

You've only just started looking.

This is the main reason we hear from brides as to why it can't possibly be their dress. For us, this is none issue. If you've had an initial chat with the stylist about your wedding, style and expectations, you've have tried every style and shape on (we cover this in every appointment) and you've seen and tried everything you thought you might want or fancy, then why can't they have done their job and found the perfect dress which ticks all your dream dress boxes? Remember, the shop was recommended to you for a reason! It can be that easy Brides.

What our brides said:

Q: How many dresses did it take before you found your one?!

"Five were picked out and it was a toss up between 1 and 2, I think I picked number 2 in the end."

"One. Then trying on a few to appease my mum."

"One - then tried on others but they just didn't compare so I got the first ever dress I tried on."

"8 then you found me my dream dress."

Look at it the other way, you're in love with the dress but have to go and see what else is out there anyway, maybe it just isn't the perfect one for your wedding? It can be that simple. Leave it, forget about it and go and find that one!


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