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Maria & Neil Brookfield Hall 25/09/21

Tell us your love story

So I met Neil after a year of internet dating. They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your Prince and there are certainly a lot of frogs out there! My first message of 'I won't be coming up mountains with you but I can have you a sausage butty ready when you get back!' hit the spot - clearly food really is the way to a mans heart!

Love stories are never straight forward (even in a Christmas film!) and we've certainly had our share of bumps in the road, but five years down the line and a wedding in the bag, he makes my life happier by being in it. And isn't that what we all want?

How were the final weeks of planning?

They were pretty straight forward really - we had our wedding delayed by a year so everything was pretty much done way in advance. It’s mostly paying off everything in the last few weeks so I would just make sure you have lists of everything you need to pay and by which dates. I was on a school residential the week before the wedding (great timing, I know!) so again, had to be super organised the weekend before! All table decorations and favours were in labelled boxes ready for Mum to take to the venue for me on a specified day. If you're organised last few weeks are easy to navigate.

What did you do the night before?

Cried! I found out my sister and her family wouldn’t be able to come as they had covid and I felt like cancelling my wedding. But then my sister in law gave me a hug and my dad gave my head a wobble and the show had to go on. I was at my mums house the night before and my nail lady came to the house to treat everyone to manicures and pedicures before we had a chinese and some Martini Asti! It was early to bed for me as we were up very early for hair and make up.

Tell me about your wedding morning

The fun started bright and early - hair and make up arrived at 7am for me, my bridesmaids and my mum. I ordered McDonald’s breakfast for everyone and we just spent the morning laughing. There were a few tears because a big part was missing for me with my sister not being there, but every one rallied round and the make up lady told me many times to pat my face! Flowers and button holes arrived and my sister in law sorted those for me before my brother came to collect the button holes to take to my husband to be and to the venue for other people. It all went very quickly!

Favourite part of the day

My glitter lady!!! Am I meant to say saying 'I do' here?! Haha we had a biodegradable glitter make up lady who came for the evening reception and she was SO popular and such a fun thing to have! Made my night to see my dad walking round with festival glitter. Oh, or the ride to the venue with my Daddy. That was emotional but in such a lovely way.

What was your First Dance

We had A Thousand Years by Christina Perri.

What other music did you have?

All sorts! The only song I requested was the 5ive Mega Mix because… well it needs no explanation, it’s the 5ive Mega Mix! There was a Conga and the worlds longest Macarena! Well, it felt like that with my tired feet :)

Who did speeches and did you love them?

My dad did a speech which made me cry. I loved it. Then my husband did a speech to say the thank yous - he hates public speaking so I thought he did so well. Then the best man did a short and sweet speech. We had them before the food so that they were out of the way and everyone could just relax!

How was the Reception?

So much fun. Just a big party with everyone enjoying themselves. It’s so good to see people with smiles on their face and just let loose! We had a photo booth, home made candy cart, cake table and the glitter lady and they were all brilliant.

If you did it again what would you change?

Not a thing! I just wish that my sister and family could have been there.

The Dream Team

Venue: Brookfield Hall

Photography: Alexandra Holt

Dress: MB6038 by Rachel Allan Bridal from Because I Love You Bridal

Glam: Make Up by Jenna Barton MUA & Hair by April Elizabeth Hair

Suits: Bought from Slaters

Bridesmaids: Gown

Florals: Lesley Thomas Flowers

Cake: Alex's Bakery


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