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7 Real bride tips for your wedding day

We asked our real brides for things they wished they'd known before their wedding day. Hindsight is a wonderful thing isn't it? So we thought we'd share the knowledge and pass it on to you while you're still in the planning stages.

All the things I could do, if I had a little money!

This is the biggest day of your life, a one time thing (hopefully) so if you can make it work in your budget then get it, you don't want to regret not having something you really wanted on the day .

Most important meal of the day

I know you know your plans in and out, from what time your meal is, to midnight chip butties but things get delayed and you have a busy day. Chances are after breakfast you're not going to even consider food until the next plate is put in front of you, you also have a lot of fizz to drink to celebrate the big day. Plan a little brunch with the girls for before you're getting ready or in the middle then you know everyone has had a bit of something, even if it's just a piece of toast!

Don't fret

You will reach a point about a week before the wedding when somebody will tell you they aren't coming, then you'll lose something and then you'll say 'If it isn't done now it's not getting done.' Don’t let last minute things set you back. There will always be someone who suddenly can’t come last minute, or something that you can’t find, but don’t panic, the results of the day. If you can’t do anything about it, don’t stress about it.

Take a breathe

At some point in the day, just stop and take a minute to breathe it all in. Look at your guests enjoying the day, look at your new husband or wife! Breathe and take it all in. The day goes so quickly, cherish the people there and enjoy all that you have planned for them.


Give your bridal party jobs so you don't have to worry. Give one person all the important contact numbers for suppliers, and give the suppliers their number so they are your point of contact. One person to sort your train, one person for your veil, somebody to make sure you always have a drink or help you to the toilet. All the important things!

Don't forget your bag

If you’re using a handbag or clutch bag for the evening, don’t forget to send it with your bridesmaid in the car before you so it can be put on your seat for later when you need it.


If you aren't having a videographer get somebody to record your speeches. You can always get a copy of the speech but the delivery on the day is something you will always treasure, especially if that person is one of your loved ones. You could create a hashtag for Instagram so you can find all the guest photos easily or create a Whats app group exclusively for people to share their pictures to!


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